Monday, February 14, 2011

the unexpected....

As I was ending Sunday night after having spent time at church and then making goodies to be enjoyed while we did NOT watch the superbowl...things began to take a turn that we haven't seen in quite some time. 

A fever.

We pushed through the night...both afraid of taking Lola to the ER and putting her through that if it was unnecessary and both hoping things would just right themselves.

But instead of getting a chance to write my Monday Gratitude Gift update...I got to drive my daughter to the hospital and check her into room 3013.  Watch her fever grow stronger and stronger and finally max out at 105.1.  I got to sit with her while she shrieked and wailed and cried at being touched.  I got to watch as the medicine finally kicked in and she fell to a thick slumber covered in sweat.

So today...I get to really look at this past week when I was watching my child with one eye...and the monitors she was attached to with the other.  While I would pace a room and try to keep her comfortable.  I get to truly be grateful for what I was given this week.

23.  A calmed heart

24.  prayers heard and answered

25.  God lead mentors providing direction

26.  Communication Growth

27.  Blood donors

28.  Knowing no matter how hard the road, the outcome will be worth it

29.  Learning to let go and let God speak and direct

30.  The interenet with so much available information!

31.  Doctors who take the time to really look at my daughter

32.  Modern Medicine

33.  Good friends willing to send love through so many means

34.  A husband's patience

35.  Going Home

36.  A rare day home with a baby who has an ability to jump back to health so quickly

37.  a good nights sleep

38.  Getting back to myself and finding my energy

39.  New experiences, movies with bean

40.  friends "paying it forward"

41.  Inspired men speaking of God's Word to my heart

42.  a Special day with my man and baby

43.  Birthday celebrations

44.  Watching my baby sister grow into a woman

45.  Fondue.

Friday, February 4, 2011


I'm realizing how much time is spent running and wasted.  There just never seems enough.  I'm sure many families go through this, and I'm sure many are far busier than our little homestead...yet I can't seem to get a grasp on things.  slow it all down.  make time for the stuff that matters.

As different issues heat up in our home and tensions continue to rise...I realize when a negative behavior takes over any situation I need to learn to embrace the person instead of push away.  For that behavior is a longing for something.  An outward expression of a need.

So today...I take a prayer passed on from someone far smarter and Godly than myself and I hold it dear in my heart as I go through the hours.

Dear Lord, time passes so fast and I feel pressured by so many things. Please take inventory of my life and show me the places where I need to adjust. Look at every area and help me to know how to find balance, and to connect with my beautiful child. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

running time?

Moab...I wish I could be there in March to test my abilities and my perserverance.  Not going to make it this year.

So instead, I suppose I can settle for the views of Utah Valley.  key word - settle.

I'll still miss you Moab.  But we'll meet soon enough.  don't you worry.

and Utah Valley Marathoners...I hope to be included in your numbers come this summer.

Monday, January 31, 2011

Mondays have a new meaning

It's been a long time since Mondays carried with them more than the disappointment of another weekend gone by and time spent at home now limited to chaotic mornings and quick evenings.

I know that there are miracles working daily in my life.  I feel them as they run through me and astound me when they come to the open air.

My marriage is an extremely delicate element of life.  It needs careful handling.  Love and dedication.  Attention.

Like many other aspects of my life, I see His miracles working through my marriage and through my relationships.  I stand so humbled and in awe of the comfort of waching Him work in my life and the unending Grace given.

And I hope to never forget to be ever gracious of the blessings and gifts handed down to me.

17.  Amazing friends helping put into place mysterious and secret plans into effect

18.  Snowfalling - offering a soft blanket to cover the earth

19.  Natural Beauty

20.  My husband

21.  Time spent reconnecting and falling further in Love

22.  Surprise visits (and it doesn't hurt when they are accompanied with flowers and lunch!)

Monday, January 24, 2011


It's been a long time coming...the feeling of total loss of control that brings a person to their knees...

I found myself there...begging for help and guidance...tears falling and wetting the bedding as I tore at the thought I truly am a lost soul.  Pleading for something...a glimpse of where I should be going and how to get there...and there was only silence.

It's often that very silence that can bring a person back to reality.  The quiet moments found in the chaos of the world that occur so rare it is shocking when they are there gripping at your heart.

And that quiet...became the serenity I daily search for. Giving me a blink of a moment to recognize the things I do have to be truly grateful for.  As small as some may be...are all Gifts.

the beginning of my 1000 gifts of thanks...

1.  Lola's recent recovery

2.  Warmer Weather

3.  Sweaters

4.  Shorter Nights

5.  Unwavering Friends

6.  God's Grace for my Unworthy Soul

7.  Small group

8.  New Friends

9.  Examples

10.  Homemade fruit salad

11.  Thank you Cards

12.  Snail Mail

13.  Cold Medicine and Epsom Salt

14.  Warm Baths

15. Memories

16.  Days/Moments so challenging, I'm brought to my knees in Your Glory

Friday, December 17, 2010

some New Years cards

cause I love making cards so much...and's just fun fun fun!!!

Tangerine Wishes Christmas Card
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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Christmas Cards

Every year I get all excited about doing Christmas cards. I've even thought about writing one of those "update" letters to go with the card. is hard to write one of those letters when our family is all over the place. So it is what it is. In years past...sometimes the cards have been created and mailed and sometimes not. Things happen.

The year after Lola was born I had a new "family" feeling. Our mix and match family was coming together. So I really enjoyed making the cards that year. The next year Lola was so sick we could barely figure out which was up. Christmas cards? Forgetabout it!

The next year...well...I think I was still in a daze and exhausted and really didnt' even think about it till it was too late. Perhaps I should have done some New Years Cards =)

THIS YEAR!!! I'm doing it! and with a little help from Shutterfly I can even do it within our measly little budget. Hello Christmas Cards!!!
I've even thought about doing something fun for the family...I LOVE calendars. Not sure why so much...but I do. I would have one in every single room. For a few years, my grandpa would gather pictures of all the grandkids and great grandkids and make a calender including everyone's birthdays. I think that may have gotten to be quite the project since there are only like 800 of us! But maybe I'll try something like that one day. A calendar with pictures of all of us?! Too Cute!!
And who knows...maybe I'll get organized enough this year to make some cute birthday cards to mail out for the kids.

This is going to be one incredible Christmas!!!